Governing Board of the ECGF Training Network met in Gijón


Governing Board of the ECGF Training Network met in Gijón

The Governing Board of the ECGF Training Network had its first meeting in Gijón, hosted and chaired by SASEMAR.

Last week the Governing Board of the ECGF Training Network gathered for a meeting in Gijón, Spain. The Governing Board's purpose is to steer the ECGF Training Network and it is a forum for all decision-making in regard to the Network. The objective of the ECGF Training Network is to promote educational cooperation in coast guard functions. To fulfill this task, the members of the Network organise courses and trainings which are open for all members.

In the meeting, the members of Governing Board worked towards achieving guidelines for the future of the Network. One focus point was the cooperation between the Network and the EU maritime Agencies (Frontex, EMSA and EFCA) and how it could be developed. Frontex and EMSA attended the meeting as observers and gave their input in this important discussion.

The Governing Board consists of representatives of ten Network members and it is chaired by the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency (SASEMAR). The meeting was hosted by the Chair in SASEMAR's training centre Centro Jovellanos.

The ECGF Training Network was founded under the auspices of the ECGFA NET project which is now in its second phase. The project receives funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

During break there was time to get a glimpse of the training facilities in Centro Jovellanos.

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