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ITCG specialised VTMIS training centre starts its activities in Messina in October 2011. The main purpose of the Center is to provide an adequate and specialized training and updating to Officers, Warrant and Petty Officers operating in monitoring, control and management of the maritime traffic and distress at sea.

ECGF Functions

  • Ship casualty and maritime assistance service
  • Maritime search and rescue
  • Maritime monitoring and surveillance
  • Maritime safety, including vessel traffic management

Institution description

The VTMIS training centre, located at the Naval Base in Messina, is a branch of the Naval Support Department and is functionally governed by the First Personnel and Education of the Italian Coastguard Headquarters, based in Rome.

The VTMIS training centre provides specialised training activities on the following subjects: monitoring, control and management of the maritime traffic and distress at sea. It also trains the staff working for the VTMIS/VTS system or employed in the ship reporting system, on the bases of syllabuses approved by VTS National Authority. At the Training Centre, other training courses are also provided, such as:

  • Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator, pursuant to IAMSAR (vol. II) guidelines;
  • Port Management Information System  Operator (PMIS Operator)
  • ITCG radio Operator
  • Pratical Training for Coast Guard crew
  • Ship handling for Coast Guard Officers

The Centre has been accredited IALA institute for the training of VTS staff since 2012 and it is authorised to issue certificates in compliance with the Recommendation V-103 (V-103/1/2/4) and the National Directive VTS001.


The VTMIS Training Centre consists of:

  • n. 1 conference hall, with capacity for 80 people;
  • n. 4 multimedia classrooms;
  • n. 1 VTS simulator.

The VTS simulator can reproduce several sample-situations, in which the staff will be operating. The System make the participants to get accustomed to the VTS environment and to be trained for providing services: information, traffic organization and navigational assistance.

Conference Hall

The Conference Hall can host up to 80 people and is provided with video conference system, that allows to combine audio and video. Along with the possibility to listen and see their interlocutor, the video conference supplies a “mutual virtual room”, in which all participants can share texts, pictures, tables and other information.

Multimedia Rooms

The training Centre disposes of 4 multimedia rooms, each with a maximum capacity of 18 people. The rooms are equipped with PC with Internet connection, projector, audio system, overhead projector, white boards and flip-charts.

In particular, one of the rooms is a linguistic Lab, as it is equipped with specific software teacher-student, headphones and microphones for each PC.

One of the two rooms is equipped with 7 workstations with real AIS receiver and d-KArt software, whereas the remaining workstations are connected to PELAGUS software for the visualization in real time of the European AIS traffic.

This room is directly connected to the VTS simulator, for all simulation activities, briefing and de-briefing.

VTS Simulator

The training Centre is equipped with a VTS simulator with 11 workstations. The simulator can carry out three different sorts of teaching:

  • real data receiving, through the AIS and Radar, with the possibility to set the parameters in order to achieve the best traffic image;
  • receiving of VTS data coming from a VTS operative centre, with the possibility to review really happened situations and particular traffic situations;
  • planning and generating sceneries reproduced on cartographies  and real ports, possibility to create VTS area with possible traffic situations.

The use of the simulator is set to provide training for:

  • basic courses (operators);
  • advanced courses (supervisors);
  • refresh courses.


Accomodation facilities

Halls of residence are located close to the training Centre at the second floor of the building “Palazzina Neri” and it comprises of 14 bedrooms with ensuite showers, wash hand basins and toilets. All rooms are fitted with study desks, chairs, bookshelf and wardrobe. Bedrooms are centrally heated and regular cleaned. At the ground floor there are: a gym, a laundry room equipped with washing and drying facilities and a common television lounge. Residents are also able to access to the following sport facilities: tennis court, football and football five a side pitches.
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Contact & Location


Via S. Rainieri SNC, Zona Falcata, 98122, Messina, Italy

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