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The Italian Coast Guard (ITCG - Corpo delle Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera) is the National Maritime Authority, an administrative, governmental and policing body, with a military status. The ITCG functionally mainly depends on Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - the National Maritime Administration - which ensures the relevant budget. The ITCG carries out tasks and duties on behalf of different Ministries and other national Authorities. This makes the Italian Coast Guard the reference point both for the sea users and for sea-related activities.

ECGF Functions

  • Fisheries inspection and control and activities related to the above Coast Guard Functions
  • Maritime accident and disaster response
  • Ship casualty and maritime assistance service
  • Maritime search and rescue
  • Maritime environmental protection and response
  • Maritime, ship and port security
  • Maritime safety, including vessel traffic management

Institution description

The ITCG specialised training centres:

Genova: Specialised training center "C.A. (CP) Antonio De Rubertis" on maritime Safety and Security

Livorno: Specialised training center "M.A.V.M. Capitano di porto Bruno Gregoretti" on environmental, fisheries and ITCG functions

Messina: Specialised training center VTMIS of Messina on VTS, SAR, Operational activities


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