Practicalities of the ECGF Exchange Programme

Before, during and after the ECGF Pilot Exchange Programme


ParticipantHostSASEMAR as exchange coordinator
Prepares the cascading plan and sends it to

Provides the exchangees a detailed hosting planSends all the documents to the participant (inc. feedback form, cascading plan form)
Participant and host together agree on the dates and other necessary detailsParticipant and host together agree on the dates and other necessary details
Carries out necessary bookings for travel and accommodation

Makes sure that he/she is properly insured


ParticipantHostsasemar as exchange coordinator
Shall respect the terms and conditions of the programme (training schedule)Carries out the exchange activitiesProvide support if and when needed


PARTICIPANTHOSTsasemar as exchange coordinator
Performs the cascading activities according to the planProvides a certificate for the participants (on behalf of the host)Provides a certificate for the participant (on behalf of the Training Network)
Provides feedback for the project team and the host
Provides a short article and photos taken during the exchange period
Saves all travel and accommodation receipts and makes sure that they are available in HR/accounting/other relevant office for futher use. The costs will be reported for the ECGFA NET III project.

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