About the course:

Provide trainees with the necessary knowledge on spill prevention, containment and collection systems, the necessary equipment, its maintenance and repair; in addition to techniques to manage human resources responding to

These situations and logistics, to provide the correct response to marine pollution situations, according to the basic structure established in contingency plans.

Practical exercises will be carried out on training responders, work shifts and logistics.



target group

Designed for Group Leaders with medium grade university education, assigned to loading, unloading and handling oil in the maritime and port environments: harbours, ship-building and repair shipyards, oil rigs, ship scrapping operations, facilities that receive oil and any other maritime facility under Spanish sovereignty, sovereign rights or jurisdiction, whether operations are performed by fixed, mobile, or floating means.






  • Introduction (REGULATIONS)
  • Maritime accidents when shipping oil.
  • Pollution caused by oil and chemicals
  • Techniques to combat oil pollution
  • Techniques to combat pollution by chemicals.
  • Assessment of pollution in ports and on the coast
  • Cleaning techniques in ports and coasts.
  • Protecting sensitive areas



  • Response systems and techniques.
  • Equipment to combat oil pollution: barriers, booms, skimmers, products for combating oil spills, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Criteria governing the use of the various means and products. Procedures of use.
  • Cleaning and servicing the equipment.
  • Basic precautions.
  • Notions governing the management of dangerous waste.
  • Organising and managing human resources.- Types of response teams and their roles in an operation designed to combat pollution. Coordinating operations.- Allocation of responsibilities and distribution of work shifts.
  • Communications- Operational reports.- Logistics.
  • Assessment.


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  • Function: Maritime accident and disaster response, Maritime environmental protection and response
  • Type: On-site
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Certificate: The Jovellanos Centre has been approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine to deliver the maritime speciality course.
  • Number of Students: 16

Contact & Location


Camín del Centro de Salvamento Nº 279 , 33393, Gijón, Spain

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